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09 Oct 2005

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Domaine de Kerlann

  • I had the opportunity to spend 2 days and 2 nights in this superb area. The mobile homes are high quality. The area is brill. The pool is very pleasant. The staff very friendly. In summary, a most relaxing weekend! The only snag for us French, visiting outside school term, is that many of the activities were conducted in English, and above all, no activities for the children on Saturday morning (one Saturday evening, but in English!).

    In conclusion, I'm in two minds about buying a mobile home... because the English and me... Rather than doing that, we might as well go to Ireland, which is a magnificent country, inhabited by charming people.

    Apart from that, the site in itself is really great. As for the surroundings, they are fabulous! But that's to be expected: isn't France the best country in the world?? Ok, I am a bit chauvinistic around the edges, but you must agree that Brittany is really one of the most beautiful regions of France!

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