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15 Jul 2007

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Scotts Farm Camping Site

  • Very unpleasant, rude group of people who own/manage this camp site. Great pity really as although its a very boring campsite, it is in fact clean and tidy. Very basic, staff members extremely rude and abusive. They tell you to pitch up where you like and then when you have spent 2 hours erecting your tent, rudely tell you to move it 2 foot and line it up with non existent boards?? When you ask why you were not told this before you erect your tent, you are then called a liar? So you agree to re-erect your tent in order to keep the peace, another hour wasted taking down and re-erecting your tent, they then visit you again and ask you to leave the campsite? Would rather camp at the edge of the road than re-visit these obnoxious, rude, unpleasant camp site owners again. Take warning & camp somewhere else!

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