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09 Jun 2008

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Parc des Alicourts

  • Don't believe the hype above!

    WARNING - this park is miles away from anywhere, 20 minutes to nearest supermarket by car. No cash point machine on site. On site supermarket only sells basic stuff. Pool area is good for kids with the slides but is too cold when we were there (June 08).

    Park restrictions are too strict and quite frankly are a joke! The sign at the pool area says do not use sun tan lotion - so what are you supposed to do let your little kids burn in the sun! We were told not to use a small floaty toy in the pool which we happened to buy at the on site shop! We were also told not to eat ice cream around the pool area! - So are we on holiday or what?

    Also, you cannot drive in or out of the park between 10pm and 7.30am. As we had the Eurotunnel booked for midday we had to leave our car outside the park so as to leave at 6am as we were not allowed to drive the car out before 7.30, we were told the car would be safe as there was security minding the vehicles which there was when we left it outside at 10 but in the morning at 6am there was no security to be seen.

    Also, entertainment was lacking and given that we were there in June the park seemed dead!

    Even though the pool area and lake is nice I would not recommend this park at all due to silly restrictions and rules.

    We stayed at Union Lido (Italy) last year which was soooo much better!!!

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