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Le Rocher de la Granelle

  • There we go! I was a bit apprehensive on returning here in 2011 (see comments above). But I couldn't have been happier to be back in your campsite, after the previous owner, who was a bit too relaxed for my taste. I've known this campsite for a long time: my parents came here when I was a teenager, and now it's me that brings my 8-year-old daughters. I have found a peaceful site, with clean facilities, good supervision, and a steady, sunny disposition on the part of Céline and Jean-Yves. They have lots of plans, and you feel that they'll get on with them. I'll be back in 2012, and my daughters are eager to be back on the water slide. Congratulations on so quickly regaining the two stars that were lost by your predecessor. Good luck for the future!

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